A carousel commonly known as a merry go round can be described as an amusement ride that features a circular rotating platform that consists of seats that will be used by the riders.


Traditionally these seats were made of wooden rows. These later evolved to shapes of horses and other animals that are mounted on posts. These make use of gear work to move them up and down to achieve or simulate galloping that is normally accompanied by circus looped music. This gave birth to the name galloper for the ride. Other names that the carousel is known by include flying horses, roundabout, jumper and horse-about.

They have become quite popular and are present in almost all the cities in the world. They have also diversified in the sense that you can find some that are reserved for children and others that can be used for adults. Each seat might weigh about 100lbs or more depending on what the ride can manage. To make it more interesting, there are some manufacturers who mount various shapes on animals on one ride. This is where in addition to horses; you can also find zebras, tigers, pigs, deer, and mythological creatures such as unicorns, sea monsters and dragons to name a few.

There are also some cases where simple bench like or chair like seats are used on the carousel. You might also find that these are coloured using a variety of bright colours and shapes to make them more attractive especially in cases where there are used by small children. In some cases, you can also find mounts that have been shaped as cars or airplanes that the little boys find very amusing.


Manufactures are also coming up with new mounts and shapes that you can look out for in the future. There are certain safety issues that you need to be aware of before you have maximum fun on the carousel. For instance, you should never get on it in case you are not feeling well or you are a bit nauseous because you don’t want to feel worse when you are in the middle of the ride since it cannot be stopped in the middle. It is also not advisable to get on the ride with food or just a few seconds after having a heavy meal as you might end up throwing up and the contents of the food falling on other people on the ride which will not be pleasant at all.

When you have really small children who can get on the carousel, it is advisable that you don’t let them go at it alone. This is because the results might be disastrous. This can be avoided by having an adult accompany them on the ride if not for safety, for assurance in case they feel scared when the ride is moving. If there is no adult to supervise them, look for one that has been designed for children as it does not move at fast speed which allows the children to enjoy the entire ride without any problems.

Dodgems also known as bumper cars are a great treat for the family any day. A fun fair is simply not complete with this thrill. They are suitable for both the adults and the children. You will not know how thrilling it is till you get into one and start driving and bumping into each other in the arena.

This thrill has been provided by many theme parks as a great source of entertainment for the family for a small fee per ride. The rides will depend on the theme park and how long the rides take. Getting your kid off the dodgem is equivalent to drama and shrills. These small cars have been in the industry for quite a while offering the best fun a fun fair can give.

Also known as electric cars or dashing cars, they use a mechanism that has developed over time. The floor where the cars ride is made of metal and a connection is made to the ceiling. The pole that connects the car to the ceiling completes a circuit. The floor and the ceiling have different polarities allowing for the formation of a circuit. These cars are also equipped with a steering wheel that control the direction he bumper car moves in. The dodgem can also move in reverse direction when the steering wheel is turned in either direction to the extreme. The dodgem also comes equipped with an accelerator. The car can be switched off remotely from outside the arena. It is also surrounded by a rubber bumper that allows it to bounce back when tow cars collide into each other.

The idea is to bump into others and avoid being bumped into. The ground is sprinkled with graphite which reduces friction making it easier for the bumper car to glide on the surface. The dodgems are safe and easy to use. There are improvements that have been made with time for these electric or dashing cars. The mechanisms used now are a bit different. This is however not used in all the arenas. The new mechanism uses metal strips on the floor which has eliminated the poles. The electric cars are wide enough to contact the strips creating complete circuits as they move along the floor. They have brushes that come in contact with the strips making this possible. The elimination of the poles has created a more realistic car like feature for the bumpers electric cars.

Disney world tried to create hovering mechanisms similar to those of air hockey. The theme park soon closed down due to system failure leaving the strip mechanisms as the newest tech in bumper cars. The poles are still used in some of the older parks and still offer the same thrill at the end of the day.

If you have never experienced the thrill of dodgems, it is high time you struck them off your bucket list. They are a great way to spend family time together affordably.

Throwing a party can be a stressful job because there is so much to consider, from making sure that everyone has enough to eat to keeping them all entertained. One way that you can ensure that everyone has fun is by hiring some fairground rides. This may seem like a strange idea at first but fairground ride hire can be tailored to your budget, venue and theme and provide endless fun no matter who your guests are or why they are there.

Fairground rides can provide entertainment and joy for guests of all ages.

Two of the biggest advantages of fairground ride hire are the wealth of choice that is on offer and the opportunity that it provides to get really creative with themes and entertainment. There are many different rides available to suit all kinds of tastes and needs but before you start picking rides like a kid in a candy store you need to know your guest-list and demographic; is this a gentle, family-friendly occasion for all ages or a party for a more specific group of people?

Funfairs are commonly associated with youthful teens, and hiring a few thrilling, fast-paced rides is a way to ensure that this particular group will enjoy themselves, however funfair hire companies are fully aware that fairgrounds appeal to everyone on some level from the young child admiring the lights and sounds to the nostalgic grown-ups. This is why you can find plenty of kid-friendly castles and old-fashioned helter-skelters alongside the faster, modern attractions.

This large range of rides and attractions means you can help make any kind of event memorable.

This wide appeal means that fairground ride hire is by no means limited to kids’ parties and prom nights and it has plenty of potential; weddings, birthday parties and corporate events can all benefit from these attractions with some careful planning. A stylish carousel or Ferris wheel can add some class to a family occasion, dodgems can provide some competitive fun at a company party and there are plenty of themed rides if you want your event to have a certain edge.

Of course, fairground ride hire gives you the benefit of more than just the rides. Depending on your needs, space, guest list and – more importantly – your budget, you can recreate an extraordinary funfair experience for your friends and family with some sideshows. Many funfair enthusiasts get just as much enjoyment out of these stalls as they do they rides and there are many different attractions to choose from; if you want to go for a classic style a hook-a-duck or coconut shy will never fail to have people lining up to test their skill. What makes hiring these sideshows even more appealing is the way they can add to the social element of a party by bringing people together in a fun activity.

Fairground ride hire opens up a world of possibilities for your event.

The appeal of fairground rides stretches further than you may have realised and there really is no limit to the potential that these attractions can provide for an event. Whether you are throwing a corporate get-together, wedding reception, kid’s birthday party or prom after-party there is a ride and sideshow available to ensure your guests will have a great time and talk about the event for a long time to come.

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